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the other day i found myself going about my day, trying to complete my tasks and interests, allthewhile my brain stuck on the recurring topic of “Growth”. so i decided i should look into what other people actually describe growth to be

i searched on wikipedia simply “growth”. of course, it led to one of their disambiguation pages because growth can mean a lot of things in different fields, so i checked the articles that caught my interest. these first three all came from the Social science category.

erikson's stages of psychosocial development

honestly, for all of these different pages i took brief notes on what they were / what they described, and here is where i'm going to talk about my reflection.

i think the existential question(s) raised in the chart of the stages are questions that are extremely important. i agree that they are ones that one should either be asking themself / should be asked by others in order to answer and grow.
  • Can I trust the world?
  • Is it okay to be me?
  • Is it okay for me to do, move, and act?
  • Can I make it in the world of people and things?
  • Who am I? Who can I be?
  • Can I love?
  • Can I make my life count?
  • Is it okay to have been me?
again, these questions are ones i also find valuable. and it's for that very reason that I have to bring up my fault with these proposals from erikson et al.
people will be asking themselves / will be asked by others these questions at different times thruout their life. believing that there are set times in an individual's life where they are purely concerned with one thing and one thing only is an extremely diminutive view of the human character. it shows personal bias and difficulty with understanding the wholeness that comes with being whole of the self, being whole of others, being whole with the self, and being whole with others.
however, i am aware that this is also an assumption made on my behalf and not the researchers'. there is not an expectation thruout this framework that the existential questions are set in a strict timeframe, that they are the be-all;end-all of reality. so again, this fear i have that the researchers are being overly maleficient with their intentions -- is just that, a fear ... and not an objective fact. i am aware of this. at the end of the day, this is something i am feeling and the whole point of this page is to delíberàte on my feelings and thoughts, so 😊

human development (economics)

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