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i started this week by completing a geometry pre-assesment. afterwards, i was given a packet by my mentor to complete, the majority of which was this masterpack-of-sorts

cons of the packet given

although i was able to complete it, it took me a lot longer than it ideally should have because the images and diagrams were poorly scanned / photocopied, the formats for each section were almost different with every section, in some sections the formats took up too much space and was extremely inefficient and a waste of resources (we really should be focusing more on saving paper - global warming is very real), and in some sections the formats barely gave any room for work

in addition to this, the whole document had a lot of redundancy spread thruout, having me redo questions to a lesser level of ability even though i had just completed the previous questions of the same type to a higher degree of ability ... argh. the whole packet had me going back and forth and it felt kind of ... condescending a little bit? i'm sure i'm just looking into it too much because of my personal feelings

needless to say, i felt like the packet could have been designed a lot better. for those students with low vision, this type of accessibility is sorely needed.

lately, the mentors have been scrambling to create math answer keys in order to make the grading both more consistent and easier, so it kind of just felt right to help out the mentors. i spent the week redrawing the diagrams and creating a revamped version of the packet

version 2.0

this new version of the doc has had its redundancies simplified. the format has been made to be more consistent thruout. the diagrams have been redrawn to be (hopefully) of higher quality. i've attempted to make the directions more clear in some sections and easier to parse for students who could be coming into the topic of geometry with no understanding or prior knowledge, although i will freely admit that i didn't actually change much in this part so this is something i could work on with subsequent revisions

i created this doc thru google docs. although i don't really believe in supporting google based on my morals, its platform is something i use regularly for school because of its easier cross-platform integration and because it's something my school already uses. so i've taken the liberty of providing the packet here as a .pdf, rather than a link to google docs. if you're at all interested in viewing it thru their platform however, feel free to mail me

you can view the packet here


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